My new hero

He propagated “Finding a Better Way Every Day” as the “reason to be” at GE.

He says “We build great people, who then build great products and services”.

He defined “the four Es of GE leadership”: high energy, ability to energize others, edge to make tough decisions, ability to consistently execute and deliver on promises.

He believes in giving people the freedom, confidence and resources to “take a big swing”, and if they miss, they still get a pat for trying. If people don’t take chances, they can’t win big.

Meet Jack Welch, ex-CEO of GE.

I’m SO stealing his ideas πŸ˜› Of course I may not apply them to my (yet-to-be) multi-billion multi-national corporation, but my life is as good a candidate and laboratory as any. I’ve certainly treated it as such.

Incidentally, if there are any others out there from planet Thinkalot, you may recognize that the good principles in life apply to every situation: work, marriage, faith, parenting, government… you get the idea. Therefore I’m also considering taking his 4 Es and adding it to my spouse-hunt criteria (which includes fair-minded, positive-thinking, religious, rational, passionate, romantic, confident, considerate, self-aware, must love Toronto and Lahore … among others). Ever heard the one where a woman says to a man “I wouldn’t marry you unless you were the last guy on earth!” Excitedly, he says, “So I have a chance!”

What can I say, I’m optimistic!

21 responses to “My new hero

  1. very nicely interpreted!
    My planet ‘Do a Lot’ just stopped to check your blog. Good one.:)

  2. lol, very nice. I liked it.. Be optimistic, and try your chances.Even one, at least it is a chance.. πŸ™‚

  3. Thx Shahrzad, I’m always one for keeping the faith πŸ˜‰

  4. What is so special about Toronto? I have never been there but I am in Vancouver for last 9 months and I don’t like it. The life is pretty slow, people are laid back, there is no sense of urgency and I have got a feeling that people even don’t strive to be at their best. But there are MANY coffee houses around which I like it πŸ™‚

    All the best for your search. I hope you had some luck in last one year.

  5. If laid-back isn’t your thing, you should definitely try Toronto – the city of the rushed! I’ve loved living here and the city has so much to offer in opportunities, culture, activities, and much more. I guess like people, a city needs some time and attention to get to know it, and I’ve liked doing that.

    Thank you for the wishes. The search continues πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, I lived and worked in Karachi, Chicago , Bay Area and moving to London next week inshAllah so I know what you mean. But I guess Canadian people are more passive as compared to their southern neighbours.

    I wish that some one nice finds you. That’s what I do pray for me πŸ™‚ Could I be more laid back ?May be Vancouver effect ?

  7. That’s so sweet of you – thank you for the prayers. I hope yours for yourself get accepted too! And that’s an interesting phrase – “Vancouver effect” πŸ™‚ I might use that some time!

  8. Though your blog is old, I just read this one and I was laughing so much as I know somebody who will fulfill all your prereq. for a partner, ….except one….the unmentioned?…She is a woman. Funny isn’t it? Well, as much as I read, I wish you more and more luck ….I feel you need it too. The list grows, wishes grow and the more you think about it, …more higher a fall. May you never have to experience it. Ameen.

  9. A kind-ish way to criticize Intishaar πŸ™‚ You’re not the only one to suggest that it’s unrealistic to expect finding even one person with these basic human / muslim values. It says something about all of us, doesn’t it? As a friend of mine keeps saying, “Tolerated behaviour becomes accepted behaviour”. What I find so interesting is that exhibiting a lack of these values is becoming “defended” behaviour so that any expectation otherwise is seen as “a high wishlist leading to a fall”.

  10. Intishaar, could I get referral to that lady ? πŸ™‚

    Honestly, it is not much to ask for, different words for same thing. I guess if a person is god fearing , compassionate and have common sense that it would work. All the other things could be taught/preached via example or via environment.

  11. Thanks Refugee! Yes I agree that life is one indivisble whole, and therefore many of these qualities and other desirables in life are essentially interconnected.

    I hope you find that lady πŸ˜‰

  12. I seriously was not criticizing you, Mutarjam. Been there and been stung. You are so right these are the basic values that should be embedded like built-in features of a software program. Seeing few kids around me, I know they come in with all human beings, and we the so-called adults just kill these and than we pray and wish that when these kids grow up, they can re-install the un-installed. Am I making any sense?

    Refugee, somewhere you mentioned not wanting kids. Please have many and try not to uninstall these values from your kids, than tomorrow many kids will have lots of good partners and friends. Lets not let them beat us. The good people. πŸ˜‰

  13. Ameen to your wish Intishaar! And your desire / advice to keep the vision alive is great to hear! Yes I do understand the un-installation πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing and clarifying, although even if it were, well-intended criticism is an impetus for growth so always welcome too!

  14. Intishaar, I have been trying to convince every one around me who can financially afford kids not to breed at all. They should adopt kids as there are so many kids who need our attention. If people really want to have their biological kids then they should adopt one kid for each of their kid. Together we can make world better.

  15. By the way, is there anyway to read all blog titles or some kind of index? I usually have little time to read online and have to go page by page to see what I have missed ere.

  16. Refugee – I agree that looking after the family-less kids is a great social responsibility which isn’t always focused on. I would say that it is more than just financial capability I would look for, in that if a couple doesn’t have the emotional capacity or the time to devote to kids (adopted or otherwise), financial strength wouldn’t be of much use.

  17. Intishaar – the only thing I could find was an archives widget, which I’ve now added. Also, RSS feeds I find are a useful way of tracking new posts to anything.

  18. Yeah Mutarjam that’s what I mean of course. Besides financial responsibility, you should be able to love them and provide them an environment where they have all the opportunities to end up as a better person. And thanks for the archive widget, I was thinking to recommend it to you but then thought may be you have some reasons not to use it as generally most people use that widget.

  19. Thanks a lot for the archive. It helps. Be ready to hear more from me.

  20. And Refugee, please do not deny yourself the greatest love of all. Love of your own child. I had nephews before I had my own kids and I loved them too, but your own child…..feelings are beyound words. It gives you reason to live, love and smile. And this love makes you more humane. You see other kids with different eye too. Kinder eye. Seeing a poor soul and thinking, it could have been your child….makes you think twice about your actions.

  21. My pleasure, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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