What it takes to be a guy

Are You a Guy?
Take This Scientific Quiz to Determine Your Guyness Quotient.

Read about Guys’ role in history.

Dave Barry‘s “Complete Guide to Guys” is a must-read for every woman who’s ever looked at Guys and thought “What the heck?!!”  It’s an enviable existence, I tell ya!

6 responses to “What it takes to be a guy

  1. hey … the quiz link doesnt work…

  2. Thx for checking Shehzad… the link should take you to the Barnes & Noble page which has the survey further down the page (excerpt from the book)… or am I missing something? 😀

  3. lol – cool Shez; you beat me to it!

  4. Hahaha, the quiz was funny. I just ordered that book. And I am a guy. It reminds me a younger brother of Rufi (Shafiq-ur-Rehman’s character) who borrows a book from library about parenting. The librarian asks him if his parents have asked for the book. The kid answers , “no, actually I want to see how are they treating me”. I want to know how much guy I am ? 🙂 If I need to know then probably, I am not a guy’s guy :-).

  5. Interesting point the kid raises 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy the book, and may all your guy aspirations come true!

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