The time boomerang

Everyone: take a good look at this moment you are experiencing. It will come again. The variation will be in details, not essence. Why? Because of fear and optimism.  We are generally afraid to do anything different from what we know, and significantly optimistic that this time around it’ll turn out different.  So human behaviour is repeated, and so are mistakes 🙂

Anyone in doubt please read “Collapse” by Jared Diamond.  Or the newspapers for that matter.  Or a history book.  Or real-life botched-crime stories.  Or divorce case transcripts.  (On second thoughts, strike the last one if you have any desire to retain an iota of optimism regarding human goodness or romance.)

Anyone still in doubt, witness that even in their “Second life“, people are suing each other, stealing intellectual property, and there’s a ban on gambling.  Worse yet, there is a whole new field of “virtual law” (and lawyers), and sites — such as (interestingly named) virtually blind — describing the legalities as they apply to the virtual world.  (My guess is the lawyers’ fees will be very real.)  Now, if the purpose of a “second” life is to escape from this one, we ain’t doin’ a grand job of it!  Sounds pretty close to planet Earth to me 🙂

Anyone continuing to remain in doubt… what did life do to you?!

12 responses to “The time boomerang

  1. ” Ja maikedey sey meri jawaani uttha kay la” ( Bring back my youth from the bar ) 🙂
    We don’t like hypothesis in life, we make it a law by repeating our mistakes. Two elements when brought together under same circumstances will end up in the same result. ..the trick is to change the circumstances if you can not change the properties of the elements.
    By the way, very nicely written!.

  2. jawani ko to maikedey mein rehney do 😛 and thx!

  3. Whatz the concept of maikada and jawani???

  4. Maikada is the eastern version of a pub. Many spent their youth (and money) there. So the verse is (in one interpretation) about part-regret and part-nostalgia, remembering how much of one’s youth was “drunk away”. Yet everyone did it and continued to do it. Also, in poetry, the “maikada” is used as a metaphor for whatever escape activity a person had in their time and day 🙂 Did I get/ answer your question?

  5. this is insane!
    so the purpose of being in “second life” is to spend money that you have not yet had the opportunity to in the first one 😛

  6. I agree – insane don’t even begin to describe it!

  7. Yeah……you did…..and sheesh sometimes urdu poetry gets really hard to understand, because of the never-ending metaphors…..

  8. mutarjam very interesting post…but i guess secondlife was never the virtual utopia.

    but its interesting to note that human society can not function without a system reward and punishment..

    on a side note..your name translates into something very to explain what it means?

  9. true and true Shez 🙂

    As for the name, I’m only familiar with an Arabic word that means “the interpreted” 🙂

  10. aaah…like tarjuma! ok i wont tell u what i thot it didnt mean.

  11. This is remarkably good written piece.

  12. Thank you! So kind of you to say 🙂

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