It’s stuck in my head…

This song ya aali from the movie Gangster.
I knew I was open-minded but this walk-in-stay-long routine of songs gets a bit …. er… interesting at times! Especially when the song you like is in a movie that you don’t want to remember! It’s like always having your favorite chocolate sprinkled with salt… the taste isn’t quite as enjoyable.

Well, it’s better than a pencil being stuck in my head 🙂

3 responses to “It’s stuck in my head…

  1. And I can’t get enough of Bandya ho…You know there is a very interesting story behind the song……Remind to blog about it…

  2. So very true. I loved the song and I did not watch the movie ….for the same specific reason. Not even the viedo. So for me, it is easily divine.

  3. So you were spared – good move intishaar! I wonder if Aftab blogged about the story he mentions about the bandya ho song?

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