Die for me and I’ll be yours

I wonder what reaction I would get if I said to someone: “If you’d like me to accept you into my life and provide assistance to you, please go and jump off a cliff.  I’ll give  you what you want; if you’re miraculously indestructible, you might live to enjoy it.”

Apparently, Jose from Guatemala accepted such a proposition.   It’s one of those things where you wonder if it’s better to be ignorant of what kind of “deals” are going on in the world.

I need my comfort food.  And a healthy dose of entertainment news to remind me of what’s important in life.  Where’s Paris when I need her?  That’s Ms. Hilton, not the city, you of little worldly knowledge!

2 responses to “Die for me and I’ll be yours

  1. RIP. I feel sorry for Jose.

    But it was an easy deal for Jose. People have signed on much worst contracts when they were desperate. Better luck Mr Jose next time.

  2. Jose was the first US soldier killed in Iraq – he won’t get a next time, but one hopes others will.

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