A wolf and a deer confined in a white-cube gallery space, in a poignant display of natural tension and fear.

A collection of “footprints” of visitors, as they pass through the gallery, to symbolize the human footprint on earth and environment.

A story that organically grows as some of the passing-by audience contribute to it, and is simultaneously translated into various languages.

A luxury hotel created – literally – from trash, including “stay” in the suite and a relaxing massage, reminding everyone to rethink what we consider ‘waste’.

A giant locust pegged down a la Gulliver, depicting “disproportionately enlarged” human fears.

A brave few of passing-by audience trying their hand at over-sized origami using corrugated cardboard sheets.

For one sleepless “white night“, Toronto was transformed by artists. Shakespeare would have been proud of us. The world truly was an extended theatre, where the audience were themselves “works of art and curiosity” at times, and in many cases integrally a part of the displays they were witnessing.

If only there were more street-side tikka and chat stalls, I’d have felt both my beloved cities – Lahore and Toronto – merge together under one bright starry sky. Ah the crazy heart that continues to wish for everything.

On the other hand, it distinctly felt like Lahore in moments where all 5 million of Torontonians were walking from one exhibit to another, spilling on to the streets, causing traffic jams and gridlocks at 4 AM. So much for the dedicated shuttle bus service. It was faster on foot. Thank humans for the global warming and delayed Toronto winter; the weather was perfect.

But I missed my tikka and chat. Did I mention that?

6 responses to “Unthunk

  1. Hey, where and why did you disappear?

  2. Nowhere 🙂 Just was being lazy in writing! Thx for asking. There’re new “thoughts” brewing but the moment of writing will choose itself when it’s ready!

  3. “it distinctly felt like Lahore in moments where all 5 million of Torontonians were walking from one exhibit to another, spilling ……spitting, pushing, elbowing, pinching u know whats, ….really? Hard to believe. 😉

  4. The famous Stanford Lucifer Effect experiment and films like “Nothing to Lose” remind us that humans are alike everywhere, and are likely to act similarly under comparable situations (except where strength of will and character drives better decisions). Since I’ve experienced some of what you describe, I know how bad it feels. It’s easy enough to criticize though, and harder to actually work towards a solution. I hope I can do the latter.

  5. Let me read this “famous Stanford Lucifer Effect experiment” and than we will talk. ciao.

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