Cutting God out of the picture!

In some muslim countries, movies are censored. And it’s not always the … er… “mature” bits, there are other kinds of “forbidia” as well (yes I created that word and am sticking by it!) Items of potential misuse by personnel that have yet to find anything productive to do, are also stricken/ snipped/ abbreviated/ edited… you get the drift. And this is done with complete and blatant disregard to the story, or the director’s sensibilities. Not even a condolence card or word of sympathy reaches those bereaved by the fate of the movie post-scissorum.

So Bruce Almighty plays in the theatres in one such country. With all the “God” scenes cut out of the picture. Did I mention it was the movie Bruce Almighty? So in the entire picture, there’s nothing left of Morgan Freeman, and the audience, who’ve already educated themselves via internet or other means we won’t discuss, are there enjoying a comedy movie, but laughing at parts the director had no intention of making funny! That is, the making up of the missing story bits with their own imaginations!

I watched the entire uncensored movie without for a moment holding any God-like feelings towards Morgan. I guess I’m part of the cynical jaded generation that has lost faith in the “truthfulness” of movies. This may be more harmful to the faithful who are more innocent than myself, and therefore are the loudest to protest. Perhaps there should be a special rating for such movies, with a minimum level of maturity, not measured in units of time on earth of just … “existing”.

And for those well-meaning folks who are touchy-feely about sensitivities, my vote would be to prioritize and protect those who are the weakest, needing protection. God isn’t in that picture either.

=> Retold with due credit and reverence to a dear person in my life, who is an incredible story-teller, and related this much better than I could!

2 responses to “Cutting God out of the picture!

  1. sigh…those that call themselves religious authorities should know that it is not their duty to protect what has been granted divine protection.

    Their actions wont affect how people think. It is only in their personally limited view that they can control the thoughts of audiuences.

    I know for a fact that some so called religious scholars heavily criticize science as a subject. in my view though, the more detailed knowledge one obtains about the systems that run this universe, the more one is compelled to say SubhanAllah!

    It really brings one closer to the Creator of this universe!

  2. Sigh indeed! Especially after the contributions muslims have made to science and education.

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