Odd Job

There is a need for someone to take on the uniquely challenging position of … “Bear Management Technician”.  All interested may evaluate themselves along the following criteria:

  • You are motivated to support the Bear Wise program
    (please note that at this time it’s only the bear that’s wise, and you will be wiser after the experience)
  • You can provide effective solutions to human-bear conflicts
    (remember that in all relationships and conflict situations, things can be worked out by trusting the other party and openly sharing your feelings by talking things through)
  • You are good at determining problem bear prevention tactics
    (all that tackling practice in football, successful bodychecks in hockey, and schoolyard fights that involved hand-to-hand combat with some on-the-ground wrestling, should certainly go on your resume)
  • You can demonstrate experience in bear capture/immobilization/relocation techniques
    (a live audition with the bear will be required, and hauling half-conscious friends to their homes after a wild party does not count as relevant “capture/immobilization/relocation techniques” experience)
  • You have demonstrated tact, diplomacy, good judgement
    (see above note about conflict resolution through talking)
  • You have computer skills in a variety of applications
    (be prepared to carry a pda and google your way out of a tricky negotiation)

It’s a seasonal temporary 5-month job, so there’s a possibility of extension if the 360 evaluation by the bear community supports it.  And no bribing the evaluators with mushy bear-hugs!  All interested applicants please follow the bear-marked trail (yes you’ll know where it’s been if you’re the person for this job) and leave your resume at the mouth of the bear’s den.  Pin it down with a jar of honey so it doesn’t fly away.  Applicants selected for an interview with the bear will be notified after the hibernation period is over.

6 responses to “Odd Job

  1. u need to be papa bear to do this job 😛

  2. lol – interesting you say that! i think there are plans in the works for a ‘bear’ to apply :p the best candidate for the position!

  3. you know most of the people who started blogging around the time I did (youre one of em) stopped or became infrequent bloggers – including me.

    or is it the bear thats keeping you busy?

  4. Infrequent I’ll admit to – but I didn’t think I stopped (at least I don’t intend to). I choose to write only when I have something I think is worth sharing. But your observation is interesting; thx for writing. And the bear is certainly a handful! 😉 Hope you choose to write more too!

  5. I guess all the bears are now busy at Wall Street. Do we still have this position open ?

  6. Must be! I have no idea 🙂

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