Nope.  Not the ‘industry’ of hip-swaying figures donning show-offy creative (for some) works .  All those looking for a rant or drool please refer to the nearest row of tabloid-glossies at your favourite (or unfavourite, whichever it may be) location.

I’m referring to the art of conceptualizing and describing (or representing) something.  At times, it’s literal – as in building cute miniatures of high-rise condo towers, complete with a jogging-barbie-with-headphones and a few models (yes now from the runway) playing tennis on the built-in courts.  In some cases it’s highly abstract – as in extreme secularism or nationalism being other forms of a rigid religious practice (where religion is a way of life).

The (unfortunate?) people who get used to the idea of modeling (and therefore seeing patterns of similarity) often fall prey to what I call a “disconnection syndrome”.  Because some logical minds see similarity and demand consistency.  If you do this in situation A, you should do the same in situation B, because both situations are the same.  Sadly, while it may feel intellectually satisfying (there’s a reason why join-the-dots is still a popular game in all age groups), and it feels great to hear our own voices, it doesn’t win any popularity votes.  People (yours truly included) may be comfortable in choosing their level of livable hypocrisy, but generally don’t like to be called on it.  (Golden time-tested rule of societal living – no one likes to be made to feel dumb, regardless of the reality.)  Therefore, the outspoken logical mind either falls into social disfavour, or chooses to curb the “outspoken” part.  Disconnection and disconnection.  Or at least it feels like it.  Until another epiphany occurs.

It’s not necessary to share all the pictures that have been drawn on the mind’s canvas.  (This is where the dots go crazy and join another stream for fun.)  The same argument holds for when proponents of a belief system (religion, environmentalists, animal rights folks, vegetarians, and many others, so no one feel excluded!) just HAVE to convince others.  It’s a compulsion.  (I’ve been told OCD‘s curable.)  I repeat, it’s not necessary to show-and-tell, or “convince”, others.  People will see what they want to and choose to see.

So be happy that you see patterns (better than seeing dead people, IMHO).  Keep them to yourself and be judicious even when asked.  And if you do find someone else who sees them too, try not to hug them so tight as to crush the life out of them.  Too few of them already.

And even fewer as cute as Bruce Willis!

5 responses to “Modeling

  1. *scratches my head….wonders why I cant understand a word* note to self” im going crazy…

  2. lol – no you’re not X! The ramblings of a crazy mind should not generate *any* self-doubt on your part :p

  3. Headman says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Fay!!!

  5. Thank you Headman and Fay!

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